Engineered Medical Technologies

Appliction Specific Spectrometers

Handheld spectrometers for measuring agriculture, pesticides, and food


Phenolics / Flavanoids

Measure and predict flavanoid & phenolic content to determine harvest readiness.  Measure IBU in beer production.

Hemp / cannabinoids

Measure CBD, THC, THCa content in hemp and other crops for harvest optimization and production quality control


Measure oxidation and potential contaminants in olive oil


It all started over dinner

A friend uses cannabis & hemp to manage her Parkinson's symptoms.  But, every time she made a batch of edibles, she had to test it on herself to determine the proper dosage.  Unfortunately, one time, the batch was too strong and she ended up unable to work for a couple of days.

We originally designed a handheld spectrometer to help our friend manage her edible production. In this process, we discovered that spectrometery is commonly used in large food & agriculture production but unavailable to smaller operations or consumers.

Our mission is to simplify analytical lab instrumentation so that all producers and consumers may have control over their products.

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